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Yoga package
  • 12 overseas yoga teachers
  • 365 days of high-quality yoga companionship
  • 552 yoga classes
  • Specially hired Asian yoga teacher to conduct a zoom live yoga class
  • Dual practice of inner yoga and outer yoga
  • Choose English and Chinese yoga classes
  • 12 yoga instructors support the yoga practice
  • Yoga group Interactive Support
  • 12位海外瑜珈老师
  • 365天高素质瑜珈陪伴
  • 552场瑜伽课
  • 特聘亚洲瑜珈老师瑜伽直播课
  • 内在瑜珈与外在瑜伽的双重练习
  • 任选英语,华语瑜伽课
  • 12 位瑜伽辅导员支持习练
  • 伽友群互动支持


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