Yoga Sutra Chapter 3

Geshe Michael has tirelessly studied and translated the great ideas of yogic philosophy for over 50 years. A master of both Sanskrit and Tibetan, he uses the 100,000+ books in the ALL textual database to ensure the accuracy of his translations. This truly unique translation project of the Yoga Sutra was completed from within the depth and clarity of his 3 year 3 month 3 day silent meditation retreat.

Why Learn from Master Geshe Michael?

We do yoga differently. If you’ve taken our other courses and classes, then you already know that! When practice is based in original yogic wisdom, it just feels different.

We source our material from over 2 million pages of classic Asian texts which have been preserved and digitized by our partners at the Asian Legacy Library. Together, our teams have taken painstaking measures to translate, understand, and apply the original yogic texts so that we could share them with you in the most clear and easy to apply.

Having a lineage of authentic wisdom is important. But we believe this information needs to be integrated through years of practice and meditative contemplation. Many of our instructors have completed over 1000 days of silent meditation retreat practicing yoga and synthesizing this knowledge into experiential wisdom. 
📅 Date  : 17 – 22 Jan & 24 – 29
⏰ Time  : SG-GMT
📍  Venue : Live Zoom 
🌎  Language : English / Chinese

Geshe Michael Intro Yoga Sutra Chapter 3

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Yoga Sutra Chapter 3 – Manual  
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