DCW YOGA is one of the training arm of Diamond Cutter Wisdom Pte Ltd Singapore. DCW YOGA is an authorized working partner with Yoga Studies Institute YSI jointly promotes yoga programme across countries in Asia. 

Yoga Studies Institute integrates yoga’s original wisdom into modern practice.

The Yoga Studies Institute is a educational non-profit committed to offering the most pristine translations and relevant yogic teachings for use in everyday life. Our mission is to teach and promote the often overlooked “inner-practice” as it has been passed down from yoga’s originators. Explore our videos and texts to experience the wisdom our team has learned from original Sanskrit and Tibetan translations and decades of practice.




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Yoga Studies Institute is committed to making the original wisdom of yoga accessible to anyone. We believe, as did yoga’s originators, that when inner-and outer-practices are combined, the effects are profound. Yoga is practiced by millions of people everyday–but how many experience the full benefit of their practice?

Yoga is like an iceberg where the movements are only the tip. Beneath the surface exists the deep wisdom of how yoga works in the first place, and why we experience the world the way we do. Most people only practice the physical aspect of yoga, the “outer-practice,” not knowing what untapped potential awaits in its other half, the “inner-practice.”  

The sanskrit word “yoga” means unity; the joining of the inner- and outer-worlds. Popular culture readily embraces the outer practice of yoga. It is our purpose to teach how inner-practice combines with the outer-practice based on authentic, original wisdom.


In-Person and Live Streamed Yoga Classes

Find guided physical asanas to perfect yoga’s outer-method. Visit our Library to find recorded videos. Sign up for an Asana Membership to access live streamed classes. Visit Events to find live workshops, teacher trainings and courses.

Workshops *coming soon*

Looking for pointers or some one-on-one guidance? Find workshops on our Events page on topics like alignment, meditation, pranayama, and more.

On-line and in-person courses. *coming soon*

All our philosophy courses are free! Also, paid options exist for students who would like to go deeper and connect directly with teachers and community support, private study groups (homework, quizzes, specific meditations), Q&As with instructors, and mentor groups.

Yoga philosophy courses are based on: 

  • The Yoga Sutra
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • and recently rescued ayurvedic texts

Other course topics include:

  • Posture alignment
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Language (Sanksrit, others)
  • Specialty classes (yoga for addiction, yoga and dreamlife, diet and cooking, others). 


Since 2006, YSI has taught thousands of international yogis in-person and online how to deepen their practices. We love to teach and guide in-person, online, and through written word.


Grass roots! We love to empower the ground-swell of this wisdom. Drop us a line here to learn more about how to get involved! 


To give is to receive! Our generous members and donors enable us to share the majority of our work for free. When we do make revenue from our more intense productions, we give a portion of it to our karmic partner non-profit Green Stretch Pen.